ROSSO DI MEZZOThe exploration of a single vineyard

The exploration of a single vineyard.

Rosso di Mezzo was born by chance, during the 2018 harvest: after almost 30 days of rain in September, the grapes from the hundred-year-old vines were slender and delicate and low in sugar content.
I couldn’t vinify this thin and fragile juice in oak; and from the fermentation it turned out to be an extraordinary wine in terms of finesse, complexity and grace.

I wanted to produce it again in subsequent vintages by drawing on the refined expression of a single vineyard, in the heart of Contrada Feudo di Mezzo in Passopisciaro, in the small plot called Cubito, spontaneously vinified in steel and enriched by a tonneau from the century-old vineyard, essential to maintain the “fil rouge” with its vineyard of origin.

A wine where the pre-phylloxera vines meet those originated from the work of mass selection carried out on the oldest vineyards, bringing back a terse fruit and surprising drinkability.

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