An island withinthe island

My vineyards are located at the foot of Mt. Etna, between 600 and 1,200 metres above sea level, on the northern and north-western slopes. This is a mysterious and special place, a unique ecosystem with its own remarkable climatic variability and a variegated landscape teeming with life.

For the past 2000 years, people here have been growing vineyards in small plots of land reclaimed from the mountain, living in symbiosis with the volcano and adapting to the power and unpredictability of its elements. This is slow and ancient work, carried out by hand with toil, passion, and respect.

Today as much as back then.

The “Garden-Vineyard”: harvesting the grapes earlyto preserve the freshness and nervous spine of the wine.


Exposure to the sea breeze and altitude creates a micro-climate that stands out from that of the rest of the region, with temperature variations between day and night that may reach or even exceed 25°C.




The abundant rain that falls on the slopes of Mt. Etna throughout the year makes this territory a real, natural oasis, with cold winters, cool summers and an annual rainfall level of over 1,000 mm.


Each vineyard has its roots in a different soil, given the complexity and diversity of the volcanic earth, formed across the ages by eruptive materials such as ash, sand and pumice, which make it rich in minerals and very fertile.




Worshipped and feared for its majestic beauty, strength and whims, the Etna has always dominated its surroundings. The fire gushing forth from its bowels shapes all things, modifying the landscape and cyclically bringing forth new life.