ETNA ROSSOStone from the volcano

Stone from the volcano

After the experience of Profumo di Vulcano I felt a need to produce a more accessible wine, to share the fruits of my work with a greater number of people, connoisseurs as well as simple wine enthusiasts.

That is why I purchased new vineyards located on the northern slope, within the “denominazione di origine” area, in a superb district that boasts a winemaking tradition over two thousand years old.

It is from this sandy, rocky soil that my Etna Rosso is born. It is a wine that speaks the language of its land and embodies its spirit.

A pure sip of authenticity.

The vineyards.Value that growsin the shadow of Mount Etna

At an altitude ranging between 650 and 800 metres above sea level, the vineyards that produce Etna Rosso are located in the zones of Passopisciaro and Montelaguardia.

This third plot uses the model of the vineyard-garden that had already been successfully tested for Profumo di Vulcano. Three hectares, bordered by a long wall, contain grape vines, hundred-year-old olive trees and many fruit trees.

From these vineyards we get Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio grapes, from vines averaging fifteen to twenty years of age, cultivated the traditional way, with complete respect for the land and the local biodiversity.



A treasurethe colour of rubies

After the harvest, the grapes are left to ferment spontaneously in steel vats, so as not to alter the wine’s aromatic profile. After roughly 18 months of maturation in steel is the final maturation in the bottle, lasting 6 months.

These time-honoured, non-invasive methods give us a delicate, elegant wine with fine aromas of red fruits and raspberry enveloped in a pleasant citrusy freshness, with a gentle smoky note from the important element of the igneous rock that characterizes Etna’s volcanic soil.

On the palate, it is lively, balanced and full of flavour: an assertive but versatile wine that pairs perfectly with a wide variety of dishes made from fish, shellfish and white meats.

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