MARENEVECrystalline alchemy

A passion that exceeds every limit.

Mareneve is the result of an idea as simple as it is bold, that of planting a vineyard at extreme altitude to ascertain how the vines react to cold climates and volcanic soil at high altitude.

I have always considered wine a sort of living thing: an element that changes to reflect our society and constantly evolve with it.

This is why I decided to try my hand at it myself, interpreting the vineyard in my own style. My goal was to create a connection between tradition and innovation and to help promote a time-honoured and irreplaceable craft.

The vineyard.Taste that is bornabove the clouds

From the northwest slope, almost 1200 metres above sea level, the summit of Mount Etna fills the panorama completely, with its thick plumes of grey smoke and its glow in the night.

In this wild, primordial place grow the grapes that will become Mareneve, on a small plot that climbs the slope of the volcano at Contrada Nave, near Bronte.

The vineyard is unique in its varieties, its location and its climate. It was planted in the early 2000s with the head-trained system, and is home to white grape varieties of Mount Etna – such as Carricante and Grecanico – alongside others typical of Northern Europe – such as Riesling Renano, Gewürztraminer and Chenin Blanc.



The fresh whiteof Mount Etna

Mareneve is a wine that defies time, overcoming the contradictions of an extreme terrain. It is sinew, skin and bone, with its biting acidity, a persistent salinity and a strong but measured personality.

After the step in steel vats, without malolactic fermentation, the wine rests for 18 months on the fine lees before being bottled, and is then matured for at least 6 months.

On the nose, aromas of rose and broom dominate, followed by intense notes of ashes, bergamot and grapefruit. The taste envelops the palate with an aromatic softness that disappears after a few moments, making way for an assertive and pungent personality that recalls the freshness of snow and the salinity of the sea.

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