Pietre Colorate - 2009

Pietre Colorate, 2009
edited by Federico Graziani and Marco Pozzali,
photographs by Francesco Orini
Viafavola 2009

Grandi Vini di Piccole Cantine - 2012

Federico Graziani, Marco Pozzali
Grandi Vini di Piccole Cantine
New edition
Gribaudo 2012

An updated and independent guide to learn about the current panorama of small, quality, Italian productions: a focus on more than 400 wines, divided by region and accompanied by complete information on the best vintages, the wineries' contact information and the price range. Each wine is presented separately: in addition to providing tips for appreciating its peculiarities and pairing suggestions, the stories, ideas, people and territories that make each bottle unique and unrepeatable are explored. A travel journal through Italy in search of hidden excellences, the producers who courageously adventure down new paths, the truest and most profound wine culture.

Vini d’Autore - 2008

Federico Graziani, Marco Pozzali
Vini d’Autore
Food Editore

"... I found the authors' previous book, Great Wines from Small Wineries, quite sincere, without any commercial propaganda; I liked the way they wrote of wine and it seemed familiar. I thought that for modern times, this was the best way to recount wine: through those who make it. Beyond the label and the market, a wine is like a son or daughter. Wine is a magical and changeable reality, the result of an alchemy between the earth and the sky and the hand of man..."

Gianni Mura

Grandi Vini di Piccole Cantine - 2007


Federico Graziani, Marco Pozzali
Grandi Vini di Piccole Cantine
Food 2007

An engaging journey to discover the best labels of our country.
A selection of 100 great wines from Val d'Aosta to Pantelleria, from Liguria to Campania.
A unique book that recounts stories, territories and great products, perfect for connoisseurs and simple enthusiasts.